Sovereign Nations Insurance

Sovereign Nations Insurance (SNI) was established and organized through the strength of an inter-Tribal association of Federally recognized sovereign Indian Tribes. SNI is well-positioned to provide outstanding health care and benefit solutions throughout the United States to all it's members.

Sovereign Nations Health Consortium

Sovereign Nations Health Consortium (SNHC) is an Inter-Tribal association of federally recognized Sovereign Nations committed to ensuring the existence and longevity of our Tribe while providing modern healthcare solutions. For every member Tribe of SNHC, Congress has ratified a Treaty or has passed an Act restoring the federal trust responsibility to the Tribe

Native American Restoration Association

The Native American Restoration Association (NARA) strives to stimulate awareness and economic recovery for Native American and international indigenous Tribal health issues, without forgetting each individual member has needs too. Membership in NARA provides an opportunity for Indians and non-Indians alike to help restore marginalized people and forgotten indigenous communities.

Restoring Our Legacy. Protecting Yours.

In order to restore our legacy, we need to help you protect yours. SNI was founded on the belief that health care can heal more than individuals; it can heal communities. Our mission is to create health care dedicated to excellence in service, value, and care with options that everyone can afford. 

 As access to health care is gained, communities are strengthened and restored. As we heal individually, but think globally, we can grow economic development opportunity for Native Americans, fund health care solutions for indigenous people around the world, provide coverage to all members of the Tribal Health Community, and remain culturally connected as we honor age-old Tribal traditions.

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